Spiral | Your Community. Your Goals. Your Currency.
Spiral | Your Community. Your Goals. Your Currency.

Meet the Team

We are a distributed team building a distributed open platform.

Costa Rica - Brazil - United States - South Africa

Karla Córdoba-Brenes


Karla is a happy Costa Rican living in Brazil, passionate about communications, sustainability, new types of money, community development and new organizational models. Co-Founder of Sustainability School and co-Author of New Money for Sustainability.  Singularity University Alumni and Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow.  

Learning ukulele.

Ranulfo Paiva Sobrinho


Ranulfo from Brazil has 10 years analyzing and working with blockchain technology, 20 years of experience in  economy, sustainability and local currencies design. Co-Founder of Sustainability School. Co-Author of New Money for Sustainability. 

Julien Lucca


Lucca is a fullstack developer with 9 years of experience building impactful software. Loves sharing his passion for Elixir and Blockchain. Co Founder of 314coins. Ethereum and EOS Blockchain evangelist. Also a fighting games fan.

Helton Ramos


Helton is a product designer who lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Loves creating products that improve people's lives. He is also a remote work enthusiast.

James Carlson


Author of MiiniLatex package, love typed functional languages, Racket, and playing the double bass. Based in Ohio, USA.

Natalia Solano


Natalia is a Costa Rican agronomist and ecological economist committed to working towards sustainable development using innovative tools and concepts. She has lived, worked and studied in Mozambique, the United Kingdom and Costa Rica. She has 10 years of experience in the development of agricultural value chains, product traceability and sustainable agriculture.

Alisson Morais


Being a contributor of #ArrowKT Kotlin library and a full stack developer, Alisson loves to talk about new technologies specially the ones related to functional programming. His new hobby is climbing and in the spare time like to travel and meet new places, play games and being with family and friends.

Zacck Osiemo


Name's Zacck. I like learning with my peers especially in diverse teams, fascinated by productivity and performance you will find me trying out and tweaking as much I can to win bigger and faster. Mostly I add bugs to code.

Our Advisors

Leo Ribeiro


Leo is an experienced fintech Software Engineer, and felt in love for EOS dApps and smart-contracts development. In the middle of this blockchain race has founded CryptosForce.com - an enterprise level blockchain donations app for SalesForce, MonsterEOS the most successful 3D game on EOS. He works now with Block.One.

Diana Adachi


Diana has worked as Global Lead in Blockchain for Accenture working with Global 1000 companies based out of Silicon Valley. She lead the team who conducted the due diligence on Ripple resulting in an investment by Accenture. Currently she is a Partner with Hard Yaka; a firm that focuses on portable identity, payments and marketplaces necessary for digital transformation and the co-Chair Silicon Valley Blockchain Society for Toronto.

Karien Bezuidenhout


Karien is an advocate for openness and supporter of social   entrepreneurs. She has played various roles within Shuttleworth Foundation,  facing new challenges and learning every step of the way. She now  focuses on the Fellowship Program - engaging with issues of   openness and social change, identifying potential investments and   working closely with Fellows towards realising their vision. Karien studied business and economics at the business schools of the  University of Stellenbosch and University of Cape Town.

Ademar Romeiro


Professor of the Institute of Economics of Unicamp, working on sustainability since his doctorate with Prof. Ignacy Sachs at Paris University in 1986. Former president and director of the Brazilian Ecological Economics Society and Co-Founder of Fundação Urbe9,  focused on projects with socio-environmental impact for cities.

Luiz Hadad


Lawyer turned into a serial entrepreneur with an ability to weave networks around projects. Luiz formed engaged communities in different environments, from NGO's to  financial markets and startups. Passionate surfer, his purpose is to  help build a more sustainable and decentralized world. Luiz currently works as a community builder at EOS Rio.


Our Partners

BeSpiral is currently being funded by Shuttleworth Foundation a social  investor that provides funding to dynamic leaders who are at the  forefront of social change. 

BeSpiral was also selected as one of the startups at Singularity University Ventures Incubator in 2017, the first and only program dedicated to startups leveraging exponentially accelerating technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.

BeSpiral is a strategic collaborator of Dinero&Valores