Spiral | Your Community. Your Goals. Your Currency.
Spiral | Your Community. Your Goals. Your Currency.
  • Meet the Team

    Karla Córdoba-Brenes

    Karla is a happy Costa Rican living in Brazil, passionate about communications, sustainability, new types of money, community development and new organizational models. Co-Founder of Sustainability School and co-Author of New Money for Sustainability.  Singularity University Alumni and

    Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow.

    Ranulfo Paiva Sobrinho

    Ranulfo from Brazil has 3 years analyzing and working with blockchain technology, 20 years of experience in  economy, sustainability and local currencies design. Co-Founder of Sustainability School. Co-Author of New Money for Sustainability. 

    Deepak Ashwani

    Deepak is a systems entrepreneur and an environmental enthusiast from India. He has 10 years of experience practicing innovative business models with communities in many countries around the world.  Singularity University Alumni. 

    Founder of Dazin. 

    Rosa Castizo

    Rosa brings +10 years of experience as intrapreneur in big organizations and international cooperation agencies. Expert on climate change finance, sustainable development and social innovation in Spain and Latin America.  Singularity University Alumni.

    Leo Ribeiro

    Leo lives in Sunny Florida, is an experienced fintech Software Engineer, and felt in love for EOS dApps and smart-contracts development. In the middle of this blockchain race has founded CryptosForce.com - an enterprise level blockchain donations app for SalesForce.

    Julien Lucca

    Lucca is a fullstack developer with 9 years of experience building impactful software. Loves sharing his passion for Elixir and Blockchain. Co Founder of 314coins. Ethereum and EOS Blockchain evangelist. Also a fighting games fan.

    Eduardo Gonçalves

    Cuducos is a Brazilian sociologist and developer, focused on civic tech. He is a co-founder of Operação Serenata de Amor and member of the Data Science for Civic Innovation Programme at Open Knowledge Foundation (Brazil). Cuducos is also PhD candidate in sociology at University of Essex and engaged in open source founding and collaborating to various projects in Python and Elm. 

    Our Partners

    BeSpiral is currently being funded by Shuttleworth Foundation a social  investor that provides funding to dynamic leaders who are at the  forefront of social change. 

    BeSpiral was also selected as one of the startups at Singularity University Ventures Incubator in 2017, the first and only program dedicated to startups leveraging exponentially accelerating technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.