Your Community. Your Goals. Your Currency

An open platform for changemakers

With BeSpiral you can leverage Blockchain technology to create secure and transparent community currencies towards meeting your positive social and environmental goals.

Our Challenges

The social and environmental challenges we face as humanity require radical and creative and systemic solutions

Require active and engaged communities, collectively defining their goals and acting together.

Complementary Currencies

A complementary currency is a powerful tool to align people, organizations and companies, improve their economy, create strong relationships and build a network that can drive change. 

We believe every community should be able to create their own currency. 

Community Currencies


With BeSpiral every community can design and launch their own currency, based on their environmental and social goals and priorities.  

BeSpiral Tokens


Users can also receive BeSpiral Tokens as a means to reward their activities on the network, facilitating open inter-community participation and collaboration. 

BeSpiral has the expertise to accelerate any local currency.

We have a unique learning platform to speed up the onboarding process

and ensure a positive performance, following three Easy Steps:

Choose community template 

Customize community Rules and Goals

Invite users

Meet the Team behind BeSpiral



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